A layover can be pretty boring or even exhausting especially if it is in an unfamiliar city. But layovers can be exciting tourist opportunities; especially in an interesting city like Hong Kong. Depending on how long the layover is, there are interesting things to do within 12+ hours of being in Hong Kong. Here is a short guide of three things to do in a 12+ hour layover in Hong Kong. 

Take a Tour of the Airport

There is no better place to begin an epic journey through the beauty that is all one can get out of Hong Kong in 12-24 hours than the Hong Kong International airport. The Hong Kong International airport is quite interesting as it contains a variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment centers. These entertainment centers include the UA IMAX Theatre which is the biggest IMAX giant screen in Hong Kong well positioned to accommodate the field of view of every audience member and The Aviation Discovery Centre which offers a history of the aviation industry in Hong Kong through themed exhibitions complete with attractions like the Cockpit simulator and the Sky Deck. Both entertainment centers can be found at Terminal 2 of the airport.  A tour of the airport should last about 2 hours.

Visit the Malls

Shopping is a fun way to pass time as it provides a lot to see together with the exhilarating feeling of purchasing something new. It takes between 1 hour 30 minutes to 4 hours to shop at the City Gate Outlets, the Maritime Square or both.

The City Gate Outlets is about 10 minutes from the airport via the S64 or S1 bus services. This mall with its over 90 international household items, fashion, beauty and miscellaneous accessories brands offers a unique shopping experience which includes discounts ranging from 30% to 70%. It also provides the opportunity get a spa treatment, see a movie or enjoy Asian cuisine.

The Maritime Square is about 35 minutes from the airport. It can be gotten to by taking the Airport Express and getting off at Tsing Yi Railway Station. As the name hints, it is the first ocean-themed shopping Mall in Hong Kong. It promises a beautiful shopping experience with its over hundred shops and restaurants.

Tour the City on Foot

Most cities are best explored on foot. This provides an opportunity to soak in the feel of the city and to experience the daily life in the city. Hong Kong is no exception. Walking through Hong Kong on foot is very rewarding as it offers the chance to see the daily life of its inhabitants, learn something new about the rich culture and history of Hong Kong and get a taste of the amazing street food.

No matter how long the layover is, there is no excuse to spend it huddled in boredom when there are some exciting things to do while waiting for the next flight.