Betting is a phenomenon that has swept across the world giving both young and old people an opportunity to make money from the comfort of their homes. In most cases, betting occurs when teams play particular sports and the fans get to bet on the team that is likely to win. If you are right, then you win a particular amount of money depending on how much you had placed on your bet. However, betting firms have now introduced discounts and bonuses that players get to boost the overall amount won. Let us look at some of the ways you can easily get discounts when betting with Betway.

Sign up

The first and perhaps easiest way for you to get a bonus is by signing up on Betway. By doing so, you automatically qualify for what is referred to as the welcome bonus. To access this, go to the website and sign up. If you do not know how to do this, look for instructions on how to sign up. Once this is done, look for the box with the words ‘I wish to receive the sports welcome bonus,’ and check it.  Afterwards, click the ‘accept’ button and then make the first deposit. You will then receive £30 bonus that you can use to bet, increasing your chances of winning.

Promotional codes

Another way for you to easily get a discount is by using the promotional codes. In some cases, they are referred to as coupon codes.  When it comes to promo codes Betway, you can get your hands on them as soon as you register an account. Having a promotional code means that you are able to bet much more than you would have of you did not have that code. To get this done, you must create an account and then look for the promo code indicated on the website. Once you have it, make sure you take a note of it or copy it elsewhere. When the website then asks you to insert any promo codes that you may have, paste the code provided and you will be good to go.

Free bets

The third way for you to get a discount is through the free bet. This feature is exclusive to new customers who are joining Betway for the first time. Once you enroll, you will be able to win between £10 and £30. To qualify, register an account on the Sport book at Betway. Once complete, ensure you deposit £10 which is the minimum requirement. Afterwards, you can claim the free bet of up to £30. However, you must remember that you can only wager five times using odds of 1.75 or higher odds.

You can now add a new way of betting by taking advantage of these features offered by Betway. This allows you to not only win on the bets but have additional money on top of what you make. Join Betway today and change your view on betting by enjoying the best discounts in the game.