emotional intelligence

Emotions play a big importance in our daily lives. They can greatly affect our decisions and have massive impacts on our lives. It is necessary that we, as mature individuals always have control over our emotions to avoid possible misunderstandings. But of course it is always easier said than done.

Human emotions are very fickle that is why we are very much prone to making rash decisions due to uncontrolled emotions of anger, hate, resentment, jealousy and irritation which is very unhealthy especially in a workplace where we are expected to be productive despite the constant stress.

In a Genos International Emotional Intelligence study explaining the importance of understanding emotional intelligence it is pointed out that people who are more emotionally intelligent are the most productive.

So therefore it is safe to say that understanding emotional intelligence can contribute to the growth of businesses. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. A healthy work environment

Since productivity is relative to a healthy work environment, self-aware employees are definitely more efficient than those that are not. They are more equipped to handle stress and pressure and therefore could deal with and resolve issues immediately.

Owners and managers who are emotionally intelligent are also effective leaders since they are more sensitive to the emotional states of their employees making it easy to establish rapport thus creating a healthy work environment for the business.

2. Create effective projects gearing towards your customers’ needs

The self-awareness of the staff or employees can aid them in distinguishing customers’ feelings and concerns. Gathering information like these can help a business improve in many aspects such as creating projects that are timely and are in accordance to the demand of the consumers, developing marketing strategies that are more adaptive to the target market’s nature and formulating solutions for customers’ concerns.

3. Ensure a safe environment for employees and customers

As business owners it is essential that you are fully aware of the current state of the business and that includes the current emotional states of your employees because emotionally unstable employees can be a liability to the business.

People who are not emotionally equipped for stress and pressure often burn out which could be unhealthy and sometimes even dangerous both to himself and to the people around them.

Emotionally intelligent leaders are more sensitive to the feelings of his or her staff and can identify signs of distress. They can provide emotional support and therefore ensure a safe environment for both customers and employees.

4. Guarantee progress by possessing the Genos International Emotional Intelligence core skills

It is important that the business possess all six core skills of the Genos Model of Emotional Intelligence, which are: self-awareness, awareness of others, authenticity, emotional reasoning and self-management. Having these skills can guarantee progress for the business because these skills result in productivity.

The business world is a complex place, businesses should be consistent and be very adaptive at the same time. So it is only apt that a business should equip itself with resilient, emotionally-aware staff and leaders to ensure its productivity despite the ever-present stressors.

Aside from being essential to your business being emotionally intelligent is very beneficial for us because it is an important factor in aiding personal and professional growth.  Being emotionally aware can aid us in making wise decisions and provide us with a very irrepressible coping mechanism which of course are very useful for us in order to succeed in life.