Soccer ball

The sports industry is a very massive one, raking in billions every year. Sporting events are some of the most viewed events in the world, with unmatched participation from fans and supporters. This has given rise to all kinds of business opportunities including joint viewings, merchandise, video games, smaller tournaments, in-game advertisements and quite a lot of other juicy money making outlets.

For more than a few years now, soccer has been the most popular sport in the world. Some estimates have it that at least half of the world are strong fans of the game and spend a lot of time watching it and supporting their favorite teams. If you’re a strong fan of soccer, you’re most likely interested in specifics like game statistics and because the game is so huge, these stats could help you make great predictions especially if you’re involved with betting. All the information you could ever need can be found on SoccerStats 24/7, a useful platform for data on everything soccer. If you’re a soccer lover, here are a few reasons you should use SoccerStats to track game statistics. 

Innovative Platform

SoccerStats doesn’t just offer game statistics and schedules, it also adds a few extra, advantageous services. For example the platform has a special section on its website called Head2Head Soccer Statistics. This special section allows users to pitch two different soccer teams against each other. Head to head soccer offers a comprehensive summary of both teams including their games against each other, their games against other teams – whether played at home or away, and also a detailed analysis and comparison of individual players on both teams. Head to head soccer also shows the most promising players and highest goal scorers, basically offering all kinds of information to help with analysis and even betting.

Information Variety

Apart from being able to put two teams head to head, the amount and variety of information available on the SoccerStats platform is extensive. Users can easily access everything from live scores to full player and team statistics including infractions, ball possession, penalties, throw-ins, corner kicks and many more. SoccerStats also offers information on league tables, possible trends, average goal number and so on. 

Ease of Use

SoccerStats 24/7 prides itself on being a very easy to use platform. Its design is quite elegant but also very simple, ensuring a very fulfilling and efficient user experience. It also doesn’t contain unnecessary media, a lot of which can make the average website difficult to load. This means that SoccerStats 24/7 is fantastic whether you’re using a desktop computer or a mobile device.

Large Community

The SoccerStats platform holds specific information and statics for more than 250 tournaments in different parts of the world. This has ensured that the platform has a very large community of loyal users all of which get all the information they want about any of the tournaments. To accommodate all these users, SoccerStats 24/7 offers this information in sixteen different languages including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and many more.

Whether you’re big on soccer betting, analysis or you’re just a huge fan of the world’s most popular game, everything you would ever need can be found on SoccerStats 24/7.