refurbished computer


Refurbished computers are computers that were used by government agencies or leased to corporate organizations which have completed their lease cycle and returned to the original owner or the manufacturer. In some cases, they are returned to the manufacturer due to defects.

Refurbished computers are sometimes called second-hand computers. They work perfectly fine, although they are not necessarily new. Recompute is a leading reputable vendor for refurbished computers with reliable products from various top brands.

1. Save Cost

One of the obvious benefits of buying a refurbished product is the discounted price. The products are fairly used, as such, they cannot be sold at brand new price tags. For some vendors, you may trade in your old functional computer and get a further discount. Customers can compare prices by simply going online. Those who visit Recompute for refurbished computers get quality products at great prices.

2. Better Quality

A common misconception is that refurbished products are too damaged to be passed down to a new owner or that they are of inferior quality. Actually, refurbished computers are in perfect working conditions. They are thoroughly checked for defects and damages and restored to their full operational glory then put back on the market. Some damaged parts are replaced with new parts and the latest software is installed, giving it an additional quality than those of the same model.

3. Almost as Good as New

Still on the matter of better quality, in some cases, refurbished computers are even better than new products. When brand new computers are found to have defects, they are returned by the purchaser or recalled by the manufacturer. Most of these defects are minor like a faulty charging port, an irresponsive keyboard or screen, a software glitch, etc. Easy fixes that are not noticeable. When done, any latest updates are installed on the system which now has all its features fixed and updated. This adds tremendous value to the product. The computer becomes almost as good as new without the price tag of a brand new computer.

4. Peace of Mind

Ultimately, every customer wants to know that what they are buying will not turn out to be a liability of more repairs in the future. As a vote of confidence, many refurbished computers come with a standard one year warranty (which could be extended to 3 years) issued by the manufacturer or the vendor. This is to show that what you are buying has been tested and found to be in line with the manufacturer’s highest standards. In case of any defects and damages, you may simply return it to be fixed or replaced if need be.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Refurbishing helps the environment. It is ‘green’. Refurbishing means there are less materials being recycled which consumes energy and requires more chemicals coupled with other raw materials to maintain quality output. By buying a refurbished computer, you are helping the environment stay ‘clean’.

In summary, whether you are looking to save costs or you are trying to be more environmentally friendly, buying a refurbished computer is a better option.