Forklifts often cost a hefty amount of money, so when purchasing one, businesses should always make sure that they are of high quality and durable. So it is imperative that you purchase from the most reputable dealers preferably one that offers first-rate after sales-service.

In Sydney, Mars Forklifts have been providing high-quality forklifts for over 50 years. They offer a wide range of choices for new and used forklifts. Their range of used forklifts are of the latest and well-maintained kind and they are also known for their excellent after sales service.

In purchasing forklifts, it is important that you choose one that is highly durable since these most often play a big role in the operations of the business. But since forklifts are usually expensive, replacement would most definitely entail spending a lot of money. And sometimes it is not feasible for a business to spend so much money on a single purchase. This is when you should consider buying used forklifts instead.

Here are some reasons why your company should consider buying used forklifts:

1. It is cheaper.

Purchasing new ones would mean spending a lot of money especially with equipment like forklifts which we all know could cost quite a lot. A used forklift can offer you the same performance with lesser cost. Used forklifts can perform the same tasks as a new one would and render the same functionality.

2. It is easier to repair.

This area is often a big problem for those who have newer models because of the unfamiliarity. Repairmen would find it hard to repair newer models because it would be unknown to them too. They would still have to learn about the parts and mechanism of the said equipment before they can actually repair it, which of course would entail a further delay in the operations of your business.

3. Availability of spares

Then there is the scarcity of the spares. Spare parts for newer models are most probably scarce since it most likely not to be well-distributed in the market yet. Unlike spares for the older models which would likely be abundantly available anywhere.

4. Knowledge and Familiarity

Like every other thing in this world there is comfort in familiarity. Operators would have no trouble adjusting to a familiar kind compared to a newer model which most of the time have more complex technology. And thus, would require training, otherwise untrained operators can possibly cause errors which could be damaging to the business and is definitely unsafe.

5. Maintenance is stress-free

Since the personnel is accustomed to the older models they would already be aware of the proper way of operating and maintaining the forklift.

Every personnel that would in any way interact with the forklift would already be familiar with how to and what not to do while doing their jobs. So there is an assurance that everything will be done properly and accordingly.

Most of the time opting for used forklifts would prove to be wiser than buying new ones. Since forklifts are meant for heavy-duty usage their market value decreases rapidly. And since resale values are out of the question try opting for the cheaper option.

Opting for used forklifts allows you to save money but guarantee you the same amount of productivity. Just make it point to buy from the most reputable sellers.