Travel Book

If you’re the type of adventurer who loves to give each trip a theme, you’ll love the idea of thematic travel photo books. They make memory-keeping fun and easy to keep track of once you’re home. Rather than search for photos from one of your many trips, you can pull out the book of your choice based on the theme that you gave it, and look at its pictures.

Five themes for your travel photo books are listed below for your consideration. Each has something special and unique to add to your experience. You’ll have a lot of fun selecting the photographs to use for your books once you’ve arrived home again.

1: The Country You’ve Traveled To

Your first option is the country that you’ve visited. It may seem like the obvious choice, but it can be important if you’re traveling to multiple countries in a single trip. It keeps you mindful of taking photos in each place you go. That way, you don’t have one book of photos for a long trip you took. You’ll have a special place to store all of your memories from each country or continent you explored.

2: The Friends You’ve Made While Traveling

The friends that you’ve made are an essential part of your travel story. They deserve an album all their own. Make sure to include photos of them with you. You’ll cherish the memories you’ve made even more. Each time you look at the book, it serves as a reminder of all the wonderful people you met along the way.

3: The Cool Things You’ve Done on Your Adventures

If you’re a thrill-seeker, you can highlight some of your biggest adrenaline rushes to-date with your book of photos. If you love nature, show off some of the most spectacular places you’ve been to in recent years. If you love exploring new cultures, create a detailed account of your day-to-day happenings away from home. You’ve got many options to choose from with this theme.

4: Chance Opportunities You’ve Had

Spent time couch surfing with a local family? Got to meet a celebrity during your journey? Come face-to-face with wild animals in their natural habitats? Use the chance encounters you’ve had to create a photographic book like none you’ve ever seen before. When someone comes to visit you, you’ll be able to show them everything that you experienced because of the book you had made.

5: Incredible Foods That You’ve Eaten

Foodies of the world rejoice when talking about the incredible meals they’ve eaten. If that sounds like you, capture every juicy morsel you consume by photographing your meals. Then turn it into a book that you can keep on your coffee table or in your kitchen for inspiration whenever you want to cook something different. You’ll feel encouraged to recreate some of the incredible flavors you enjoyed while you were on your trip.

Tell Your Travel Stories Through the Addition of Themed Photo Books

Your books filled with travel photos will quickly become your greatest possessions. Think carefully about how you want to tell your story. You can supplement the written accounts of your experiences that you have in your journal with books full of photos that you’ve taken along the way. Your travel story is yours alone to tell in whatever way feels the most comfortable for you.