Starting a club is an excellent way to promote your advocacy or help the community. It is also a good venue to meet people and learn something new, probably a skill or a livelihood. If you have dreams of starting one, you can find ways to make it happen. Here is a step by step guide to get you started.

Define your objective

Every club should have a mission and vision. What kind of club would you like to have? Will you focus on health, sports, books or volunteer work? You need to come up with a pretty solid objective so it would be easier for you to look for more members who share the same vision as you.

Build a headquarters

If you want to encourage people to join your club, it would be nice to look for a permanent venue or office. A place where members would gather regularly to discuss ongoing and future plans. You can rent a small office or have the meetings at your house. What is essential is that all members should be comfortable attending meetings, and the place must be accessible for those who do not have cars as well.

Subscribe to a membership software

Running a club requires too much work, especially if you have a lot of members and activities to think about. You can make things easier by looking into a club membership software free where you can quickly get in touch with your team. You can post reminders, send schedules or bulk emails to each member in just a few minutes. A membership software comes with a long list of features that you can take advantage of to ensure that your club runs efficiently.

Encourage more people to join your organisation

The more members you have in your club, the better. It means that people are interested in being part of a group to meet new friends and make a difference in society. Invite people you know, such as family, friends, neighbours and even colleagues to join your club. In case they turn you down, that is okay because you can always ask for referrals instead. You can also try other methods such as flyering, cold calling or sending invitations. Growing your club takes some time, so you need to have a lot of patience before reaching your target headcount.

Come up with a set of rules and regulations

If you want your club to be successful, everyone must abide with a set of rules that have been agreed upon by each member. Everyone is encouraged to attend the meeting and participate in the brainstorming session and have a say on things. Once the rules have been finalised, it should be printed and signed by each member to ensure that everyone will comply moving forward.

Lastly, you should consider electing members to become club officers. Their duties and responsibilities should be explained clearly. Doing this will provide structure to your club, which is essential to its long term success.