I got into kayaking two years ago after a good friend of mine and fellow kayak enthusiast Anouk Govil turned me on to the sport. In truth I had never done anything on the water other than swim prior to my first kayaking trip, but it turned out to be instant love as soon as I got that paddle in my hand. My buddy had been kayaking for many years when I first started out, and he had also been traveling a little with his kayak. Over the following years we went traveling and kayaking to some of the most beautiful spots in the world, and these are my favorites so far.

Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai was the first place on our list when we decided to hit the road with our kayaks, and these fjords were everything that we could of expected and more. This national park offers over 750 nautical miles of jagged shoreline and rugged cliffs, as you sweep through the North American fjords on a trusty sea kayak. What I loved most about this part of Alaska was the mixture of coastal delights, glacial waters and untouched caves and caverns which were just waiting to be explored.

South Coast of Crete

Last year Anouk and I embarked on a European tour and my favorite spot during that journey was without question the crystal clear waters of southern Crete. There are over 600 miles of blue, clear and glistening waters to discover here, with the coastline offering every type of sight imaginable. As we paddled around the coast we found pink-sand beaches, hidden away coves and tiny villages which served up the finest Greek hospitality to a couple of adventurers. I had always been a fan of Greek mythology so this was also a wonderful trip back in time for me, walking in the footsteps of many heroes and legends who had gone before.

The Dalmatian Coast

Geography was never my strong suit and I must confess that I had never even heard of a country called Montenegro before our European trip. A guide from our Greek trip had recommended that we try out some of the routes around the Dalmatian Coast, which is in between Croatia and Montenegro, and I am so glad that we took his advice. Around this region there are over 1000 tiny islands to explore with lots of stashed away grottoes, rich reefs and plenty of old caves to discover. Everyone talks about the blue waters of the Mediterranean but few people discuss just how spectacular the sea looks around this area of northern Europe. Unfortunately we only had 2 days here but you could easily spend a week or more discovering this rich and expansive area of seemingly untouched waters.

Do you love to kayak? Where are your favorite places to go paddling? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.