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They say you can’t teach and old dog new tricks, so what why would anyone think that an existing website can perform better than a brand spanking new one?

Well, you may be shocked to discover that existing websites can bring in more traffic than a new one – not that new ones can’t, but the capabilities are totally equal and limitless.

Responsive website design is directed at improving a websites navigational and presentational experience. Versatile viewing between several devices like mobile phones and tablets without losing specific features which makes your website unique and visible, is the best way to retain customer engagement online.

The last decade has witnessed business owners developing responsive web design and upgrading their old websites with knowledge that smartphone usage increases the opportunity for a sale. When a customer is in need of an immediate service, they’re going to be straight onto the web via their mobile, so you need to be where they are!

The benefits of having an up to date website is the reflection it has on you as a company. It shows you’re well managed and up to speed with recent business activity such as web development.

Incorporating responsive design into the development of your website gives it the capability for tracking sources such as analytics to monitor a range of traffic sources (e.g. device, location and browser) in one place, making it easier for you to analyse and adjust your strategy according to where your audience is discovering you, or even target new areas where your online presence is a little weaker.

Google has preference to as well as rewards responsive websites by placing them higher up in the search rankings. This increases traffic and content value as most uses are more likely to click on the first results on the first page of Google.

Customers are growing increasingly more impatient and brutal when it comes to how long they’ll wait for a website to load. A customer expects that your website and pages within should load in no more than 3 seconds or else they will leave and find what they’re looking for elsewhere. 

Responsive websites reduce their bounce rates gradually by making their website load fast, be simple to navigate, and have specific call to action buttons. The main drive for a good website is the perfect user experience. It’s the best way to grow, make more sales and extend your target audience and offer flowing and simple interaction, as is the expectation in the modern market.

Stockport website design agencies are experienced in responsive web development and have been helping clients for decades to increase and perfect their business online.