Killing plants often happens too many times due to negligence. Most people get caught up in life and forget them just like animals; plants need to be taken care of, and if this step isn’t followed through the plants end up dead. Maintenance practices for plants range from watering, removing weeds, and pruning;sometimes it is hard to get time to cater to the plants as it is required. You can, however, keep low maintenance plants that need little attention compared to the more delicate plants. Here are three low maintenance crops for you.

  1. Pothos

Pothos plant is a fast-growing plant from the Philodendron family. It has beautiful thick leaves that droop as the plant grows and is one of the easiest plants to care for besides having the ability to clear air pollution.

Pothos is so low maintenance that you don’t have to plant it in the soil. The plant thrives just fine put in a container with plain water. However, when planted in soil pothos requires less watering. It does well when the soil is left to dry out before being watered again. It does well in almost any range of light conditions. Because it is a vine, pruning is necessary, but this is not a regular maintenance practice. Pothos is a very easy plant to keep alive.

  1. Aloe Plant

Aloe Vera plant is a hardy plant that can survive with very little water. This means the plant can go 14 to 21 days before you need to water it again. Improper drainage leads to rotting which is the most common cause of death for aloe. Besides being deficient maintenance, the gel from Aloe Vera leaves has a wide range of medicinal purposes and is used for burns and bruises. Aloe plant regenerates pups which you can uproot and plant to produce a new plant. Overwatering the plant causes the plants leaves and stem to rot which is the only known disease to Aloe Vera. Fertilizing aloe should be done sparingly and only during summer and spring seasons.

  1. Snake Plant

Snake plant is also referred to as the ribbon plant and has become extremely common at homes because besides being low maintenance, they purify the air by releasing oxygen at night and ensure your homes air quality is excellent.  The plant is famous for surviving in the harshest growing conditions. It is very similar to the aloe plant and has thick leaves. The plant does well in pots compared to being planted in the garden, and it thrives when ignored. If you are busy and travel all the time, this is an excellent choice for a plant to have at home. They do best with little disturbance, and it is very tolerant to different light conditions. The plant should be watered after the soil dries, so this means less watering. Snake plant should be planted in a porous pot to allow proper drainage. It is an extremely easy plant to take care of.