Positive Employees

Glassdoor is a website which allows employees to anonymously review the companies that they work for or have worked for. As you can imagine it is very important that companies have a positive image on websites like this and since its inception it has inspired and motivated companies with disgruntled employees to change the way in which they treat their team. Best Version Media is an international publishing company who print and create micro tag magazines for niche markets and small communities and they have created a wonderful culture within their workplace which their employees love. On Glassdoor the Best Version Media reviews speak glowingly about working for them and the results of this can be seen in the standard of work which they produce. If you don’t think that this kind of feedback is important, here is why you are wrong.  


If you are highly skilled individual who delivers great work and you are on the lookout for a job, these reviews will help you to decide which companies you will apply to work for. From a business perspective therefore these reviews are absolutely critical in terms of attracting the highest caliber staff. Recruitment is one of the most important aspects of running a business and getting the very best staff is something which is equally important. With this in mind then having positive reviews on a site like Glassdoor means that your business will be able to attract the very best employees.  


These reviews not only serve future employees but also customers who are looking to use your business. Customers aren’t stupid and if they think that you have a business which doesn’t treat its staff well, or who have an unhappy workforce, they may very well take their business elsewhere. Businesses should be doing all that they can to present a positive brand image to their customers which is why these employee reviews mean a great deal, or at least they should.


The only workforces which produced high quality output in a miserable environment were the factories of the 1800s where they were met with aggression if they did not, beyond this a miserable workforce has never produced strong results. What you must seek to create therefore, and which company like Best Version Media have been successful in doing, is a positive and happy culture within the workplace. Happy employees produce better results to a higher standard than unhappy employees and this means that the harder you work on increasing the happiness of your staff, the better your business will perform.

Finally, you must understand that for a manager or an owner, these reviews serve to give an insight into the state of their company and how the workforce feels. Very often staff will not air their views to the people who matter and therefore many managers may not realize what is going on. Through these reviews however they can get a very clear picture of how their staff are feeling.