Engine Lubrication System

Engine is like a heart, as heart needs blood to function properly, similarly engine needs lubricants to perform smoothly. Each part of the automobile gets stuck if not lubricated. The Engine Lubrication System is a mechanism that enables the auto parts to deliver adequately oil needed.

The effective lubrication provides reliability in operating of the engine. It also helps to keep the engine clean. Controlled and regular lubrication decreases the wear and tear of the engine. Purpose of lubrication system is to keep the engine clean, to keep the parts cool, it also help the parts to absorb the shock effectively. Any moving vehicle may breakdown if the crankshaft is not working smoothly and it may become very tedious to get it repaired, if at a remote place.

Engine Lubrication System is classified in to two types:

  • Pressure type lubrication

It is the advanced form of lubrication used in modern vehicles. In this system the oil is distributed strategically to the parts with precision. It releases the quantity of oil needed by the part and is more energy saving. In this type of system the consumption of oil is relatively less to that of Splash type lubrication. When used intelligently, the life of oil increases as well.

  • Splash type lubrication

This type of lubrication is generally used in low speed vehicles. In this the oil is splashed over the crankshaft when it enters the trough after its rotation. The components of splash type lubrication are crankcase, pump, distributing pipe, and trough.

Major parts of the lubrication system are Oil sump, Oil Pump, Oil Filter, Pressure regulator, By-pass valve, Oil galleries, Dipstick and a pick up screen. Further, the other important part in this system is the sump. It is classified in to two categories, a wet sump and a dry sump.

  • Wet Sump

In this the oil stored in the sump is drawn to the engine through the pump. The valve is used to monitor the pressure. It carries a filter that removes the dust particles which may create a friction and damage the engine. The pipe or the galleries are used to carry the filtered oil to the engine parts like Mazda

  • Dry Sump

This type of sump is mainly used in the high speed vehicles as the supply of the oil needs to be fast and more accurate. The wet sump cannot cope up with the unusual and extreme conditions. In this, the oil flow is much smooth to keep pace with the fast moving machines.

Oil is the majorly used to mobilize the engine and keep away the friction and prevent the engine from any kind of severe breakdowns. Needless to say that timely overhauling of the automobile is strongly recommended. For any kind of queries and purchase related to oil and lubricants please visit sparepartstore24.co.uk , we have complete range of lubricants with experienced staff to assist and guide you the best. We will soon be back with a new article and lot more insights on the automobile.