Peter Zieve is CEO of a local company here in Mukilteo, Washington and he has been a prominent figure in the community for many years. The reason why Mr. Zieve is given so much respect is because he and his company Electroimpact have always put the community first, and aimed to do as much as they can to ensure that we rise up. Seattle is not the only place where this man helps out but it is certainly were much of his work is done. Peter’s company often teams up with the local Herald news, sports teams and other local business owners, to inspire, engage and help in the community. If you have been thinking about your efforts in your local community, Peter has been kind enough to share with this blog, and here is what he has to say about what you should be doing, and why.


The first point that Peter makes is very valid indeed which is that you never know when you will need the support of your local community. Now fo course if you do need help nobody will ask you whether or not you deserve it based on what you have done in the past, but it would be nice to know that you have helped, and now someone is helping you.

Civic Duty

Contrary to what politics may have you believe, the idea of community is something which we ave lost in our local areas and the consequences of that are higher rates of crime, more homelessness and fewer opportunities for people. If we can all pull together then we can greatly help a whole number of areas and regions to become communities again, and not just here in Mukilteo, Washington. If we can all work together and bring back the community in our areas, they will be a far richer place indeed, and a far safer place to boot.

Feel Better

There are very few people who help out in the community for their own ends but there is no doubt that when you give up your time, money or energy to help out, it can give you a very positive feeling. This is less of a reason as to why you should help out, and more of a benefit which you will receive through helping your local community.


What we all hope for is that every generation continues something form the generation which came before and if you are able too give some of yourself win order to help your fellow man, you can hopefully inspire the next generation to do the same. Last year in Mukilteo we had a campaign to raise awareness for a small social project and the number of kids who wanted to come along and help was simply breathtaking. I am convinced that the reason so many young people wanted to come and help was because they have been inspired by what they have already seen in the community.