SEO experts will always keep up to date with the current trends, white hat SEO techniques are those which are none aggressive and follow the rules. One of the most important areas to learn about is the google algorithm. Google is the most widely used search engine and you want your websites to be on the first page of a relevant google search.  The algorithm will use thousands of bits of data to make its decisions and some of those decisions will be weighted. Since 2015 one of the significant questions google will ask before showing your page is, is it fit for use on a mobile? Mobiles are here to stay, and they are where we now do seventy percent of our googling.

Another very significant factor it will look at is, did the user get a good experience on your website. The information it will use to determine this is how long you stayed on the website what you clicked on when you were there and so on.

Keyword research is still an important part of the WebCrawler’s job. The newest ideas relate to groups of related keywords within a context.

Another area which will set you apart from your competitors is having a better content marketing strategy. Content is one of the most important factors that currently boosts your visibility and ranking. Therefore, with a bit of effort and organization it is fairly easy and straightforward to improve your visibility online. The keys to this are that you need to establish who your target audience are which demographic and type of person is likely to purchase your product or service. Then you need to establish what this demographic are into, what questions and queries and uncertainties they might have. Then your content needs to allay some of their fears and answer some of their questions. In this way they will find themselves relating to you as a business and they will naturally trust your brand.

Another important factor is to use the tools that are so readily available to you so use the scheme tools that are available on Google. Use to add HTML tags that you can add to your web pages. Link building is also an important tool, this is in the top two ranking features.

Using relevant links in your articles will also make them more appealing to the reader and to the crawlers. Once you have established your target audience find out what they need, what worries them, then use links that will help allay their fears and answer their questions. This will pique their interest and draw them back to your site, which could well in turn secure them as a loyal customer of your business. Just focusing on the few important areas discussed above has the ability to increase your traffic by anything from three times up to ten times. If every tenth hit leads to a sale, then this will also increase your sales significantly. Then once success has been achieved online your customers will do your work for you, or at least part of it, by spreading the positive news about your company.