When people think about cosmetic surgery patients, they oftentimes envision women. The truth is that many men feel just as self-conscious about their bodily figures as women do. Companies like Sono Bello — which provides information about its body contouring procedure on its employee intranet site — offer services that can help both men and women to get the body shapes they want.

For instance, a 47-year-old man named Kevin recently underwent body contouring after becoming extremely dissatisfied with his appearance. Prior to the surgery, his life was very busy, as he traveled around the United States. While on the road, his natural inclination was to eat unhealthy food, and he also didn’t work out regularly. As a result of these bad habits, his weight began to increase, and he became worried about his health.

Kevin explained that he needed someone and something who would help him to get on the right path — the path to a healthier Kevin. He eventually found a cosmetic surgery provider, and this provider appealed to him because the office presented the body contouring procedure as a way to start living healthy again.

Before undergoing the procedure, Kevin struggled to keep up with his children, and he constantly felt tired and bloated. Now, he enjoys playing football and feels more competitive when playing with his children. Most importantly, he is now more committed to his health than ever before, so he stays active and makes wise food choices. Overall, he knows he looks and feels better, and as a result, he feels unstoppable.

If you’re serious about getting healthier and looking better in the process, body contouring just may be what you need. A cosmetic surgeon in Chicago can explain more about it to you so that you can decide if it’s the right procedure for you.