If smoking weed isn’t your thing, you might reconsider after reading this. Maybe you are aware that cannabis can help with a heapload of medical ailments, can induce extreme relaxation, and it can cause some major late night munchies. But did you know that certain strains of weed can enhance your next sexual experience? Each strain effects the body in different ways, and one of these ways is by enhancing sexual pleasure.

For Canadians who just received the ability to grow their own marijuana at home, consider what strains to grow and what you want out of your smoking sessions. Do you want relaxation, focus and concentration, or would you like to have sex in a whole new way? Even if you have been smoking for years or have been growing medical cannabis for decades – click here to learn more about this – reconsider what strains you have been growing. Check out the best cannabis strains that will blow your mind sexually.

Skunk #1

Even if you don’t like the sour taste and earthy undertones, the sexual pleasure you’ll find after smoking a joint of Skunk #1 will definitely impress you. Smoking the smallest amount will give you energy and make you feel instantly uplifted – and you might even boost your creativity with your sexual partner!

Sour Dream

Sour Dream is a cross-breed between Sour Diesel and Blue Dream but it has more qualities from its Sour Diesel mother. The taste isn’t for everyone – it has a very potent sour aroma that some people can’t get behind. It is known to be a “fun” cannabis that leaves you feeling energetic and happy, maybe even giddy and childish at times. You’ll definitely have some fun times in bed after taking a puff or two of a Sour Dream joint.

Blue Cheese

If you are in the mood for some intense love-making with your partner, look no further than a joint or bong hit of Blue Cheese. It leads to deep relaxation that is ideal for gentler bedroom activities and getting nice and intimate with each other. It smokes nicely as well giving off a berry aroma that most smokers enjoy.


Skywalker Alien

Depending on the type of person you are, smoking a bit of Skywalker Alien could leave you feeling deeply relaxed or silly and playful. No matter how it affects you either of these personality traits can lead to some amazing sex. Its extremely high THC content hits you hard in all the right places, so take it easy when smoking this strain – a little bit goes a long way.

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is a cross between Big Bud and Purple Urkle, which are lesser known strains to newbie cannabis users but the final product from breeding the two leaves you with near perfection. GP will loosen your body physically but also give you extreme mental stimulation, which is the perfect combination for creating a mind-blowing sexual experience. Smoke this one in small doses, the THC content can range anywhere from 17 to 23%.