chesterfield chair

Chesterfield chairs have always been a classic; the elegant design has been around for years and it has proven its timeless appeal since it first came out. Most everyone can easily distinguish a Chesterfield piece from other pieces of furniture; it has, after all, a unique and distinct and beautiful design that easily sets it apart from other styles. In fact, a genuine Chesterfield sofa has been labeled the ‘king of sofas’ and for good reason. Of course, you can choose Chesterfield armchairs, chaise longues, and sectional pieces as well, and whichever type of furniture you choose, you’re sure to make the right choice. But if you want to be sure of your decision when choosing a Chesterfield chair, there are some top tips to remember as well. So what are these tips? Let’s find out.  

Think of comfort

Comfort is a big thing for any piece of furniture, and you want your Chesterfield chair to be as comfy and cosy as possible. While some may think that Chesterfield sofas aren’t the most comfortable pieces of furniture around, the same isn’t true for Chesterfield armchairs. Chesterfield chairs are designed for cosiness, providing your back with the ideal amount of support for long-time sitting. When thinking about comfort, make sure that the Chesterfield chair you choose has good, firm cushions covered with sturdy and supple leather – this will not only make your chair more durable, but the leather material is hard-wearing, not susceptible to staining, and can withstand wear and tear for years. 

Consider the balance 

A Chesterfield sofa or chair can definitely make an impact – it is a statement piece in itself, and it can stand alone and stand out without any effort. But you also have to think about balancing your Chesterfield chair or sofa with other furniture pieces in the room. A typical Chesterfield sofa or chair can look massive and luxurious, so to counter the overwhelming effect left by such a piece, consider making use of modern, clean elements or rustic pieces of furniture mixed in with it as well. If you want your furniture pieces to complement each other but you would like to add a bit more dimension to the space, consider using an area rug in a bold and fun colour, or choose artwork which has strong and bright colours as well. 

Determine orientation and placement 

You also have to think about the chair or sofa’s orientation and placement in the room. The experts would agree that one of the ideal placements for a Chesterfield sofa is in the room’s centre, but you can easily place a Chesterfield chair in one corner, too. It would be good, however, if you can place it so you can showcase the back of the chair – unlike other sofas or chairs, the back of a Chesterfield chair or sofa looks great, and a Chesterfield sofa’s low profile will prevent it from creating a visual break or barrier in the space. One of the best aspects of Chesterfield furniture pieces is that they can create a focal point, but they can still complement other alerts of furniture and add to a room’s cohesive look.