It is usual for kids to fear water, let alone to enter the pool and swim. Most of them naturally get nervous about bathing, especially during the first year, which is why you need tips on how to prep them for their swimming lessons. Kids learn first, the reason why teaching them how to swim at a young age works magic. The most crucial thing is to help your child accustom to the water surrounding and not associate it with fear or negativity. That way, they start developing water confidence, which is key during swimming lessons.

These tips will help you prep your child in advance as you wait for him/her to begin swimming lessons for kids Sydney.  

Wet their heads while in the bathtub

Many caregivers fall out with the kids when it comes to getting their heads wet during baths. Many kids do not like that since they fear water getting into their eyes. Introducing that to your child early enough can help prepare them for their first swimming lesson. As you bathe them, try to immerse their head in clean water in a fun way as you rinse their head. It helps them hold their breath for short seconds. When you make it an occurrence, they slowly learn how to hold their breath, and it will be easy for them to learn swimming.

Show them to blow bubbles in the water.

Blowing bubbles in the water can be an exciting activity for your baby. First, do it, then encourage them to do it as well. Show them by just putting their mouth into the water, easing it, and releasing the bubbles. When you make it a daily activity, they can learn gradually. If they master blowing bubbles in the water, they will have learned a breath control technique, which will make it simplistic for them to learn swimming.

Submerging and breathing for older kids

If your baby is more than a year, you can teach them submerging their heads in the water for seconds as they hold breath. Let them put on goggles, dip their head in water for 2-3seconds, and then lift it in repeated times. Holding breath is the essential skill your child can begin learning before they start swimming lessons. Make it a game for them, and they will learn it so fast.

Visit the facility with them.

Visiting the swimming facility is a way to prepare your child for their first swimming lesson psychologically. They will see what the other kids are doing, how much fun they are having, so when you introduce them to the same environment for their lessons, they won’t be scared. Introduce them to the instructor, and let them try having fun with each other. Visit a couple of times to get used to the instructor, which will make it easy to trust them while in the water.

Show them kids’ swimming videos.

You can build your baby’s curiosity by showing them positive swimming experiences of other babies swimming.  When they see other kids in the pool swimming, it prepares their minds for the same. When they begin the actual swimming lessons, they will adapt to the environment easily compared to a kid who hasn’t seen such an environment before.

Use positive non-verbal cues.

If you are dealing with an infant, say below a year, they learn a lot from non-verbal cues. As you play with them in the bathtub, use positive non-verbal cues to show happiness, fun, and excitement. That way, they won’t be scared and will follow what you do and enjoy the experience. If you seem nervous or upset, it will upset them also, increasing their fear. Make them feel confident by making the activities fun and exciting. Use their favorite toys in the bathtub and let them play around as they get used to the water.

The takeaway

Helping your baby get accustomed to the water environment develops their confidence, which is crucial as they begin their swimming lessons. As you bathe them, teach them a few techniques, let them play with the water, and make the experience fun and exciting. Also, be there during their first swimming lesson as it will make them feel more relaxed.