One of the reasons why employees stay in a company is if they know that they have a voice. They want to feel that the management cares about them. If you’re going to keep some of the best people in your team, these are ways which show that you listen. 

Get them involved in meetings

If there are meetings concerning the welfare of the employees, it’s essential to have someone representing them. You can’t enforce changes that will affect everyone if you don’t have a representative during the discussion. It will make everyone feel that you don’t care about their thoughts. 

Another way to include them in meetings is when you have to propose a campaign for the company. Whether it’s an advertising campaign or something else, you want to have the inputs of your employees. You want them to feel that they matter in big decisions, and their thoughts are valuable. 

Call for regular meetings 

Employees generally don’t like to get asked to have a meeting. It’s true, especially if the meeting results in more pending tasks for everyone. However, not all gatherings have to be about work. You can call for everyone to join you in having a conversation about life. You can just see how everyone feels, and if they have significant concerns to raise. Sometimes, it’s great to have a meeting where everyone can relax and not act as employees. 

Call for a vote

You also have to do a few things in a democratic way. If there are changes you want to implement or plans you want to do, everyone can vote for the best path. Usually, it’s only the management team making these decisions. Involving regular employees will make them feel that they matter to you. 

Take a break

You might always hear everyone telling you that work is too much for them. They have tons of responsibilities, and they’re unable to carry out some duties. It’s not about being incompetent or unprofessional. Sometimes, they have a lot on their shoulders, and they need a break. Giving them a chance to have a break would be an excellent decision. You can take your entire team with you on a short weekend trip. 

Another option is to have a fairground hire like the one offered by https://www.wearetricycle.co.uk. It allows everyone to relax and be in a fun environment. The family members of every employee can even take part. It’s a perfect way to celebrate milestones or take a pause from overwhelming work. 

You can also consult with your employees if they have other ideas on how to celebrate successes or give everyone the chance to relax. 

It would help if you were consistent in doing these things since your employees need to feel that you care. Some of them might even think about leaving if they no longer feel happy. It doesn’t matter if they become unemployed or end up with a job that pays less. They would rather work with a company where they feel valued and heard.