The Christmas season is over, and if you still have a real Christmas tree at home, you might be in a situation right now where you are thinking about what to do with it. There are various things that you can do with the tree, and we’ve listed them below.

Replant it

If the tree still has the roots with it, replanting it outside your home can add to the property’s curb appeal. It will make your place greener, and it will also add shade, which is helpful in the summer season. If it came in a pot, you could leave it outside your door as a whole year-round decoration, of course, without the Christmas decors that you hang on it.

Turn it into a bird home

Even if you don’t replant the tree, you can still find something useful to do with it, like turning it into a sanctuary for birds. If you love animals or birds specifically, replace the Christmas ornaments with bird feeders instead. They will start coming, and they will turn your old tree into their new home.

Use it as mulch

You can turn the needles or the wood chips of the tree into compost or mulch. The nutrients that come with them will help your living plants and other trees in your garden stay healthy. They can also serve as insulation during the winter months. Cut branches from your Christmas tree and spread them in your garden, and it will help warm your plants, preventing them from freezing.

Donate to recycling centers

Many cities, including Los Angeles, have their recycling programs, and you can donate your Christmas tree to them. Check with your local government for a list of recycling organizations that could take your tree. If you find one, they will probably ask you to drop it off at their site.

Use as firewood

Chop the wood and use it for making a fire. However, it is highly flammable, so be careful when doing so. It is not recommended that you use it inside your house. It is more for using outdoors, like camping. Once burned, you can also turn the ash into compost. Spread it all over your garden, and it will also help in nourishing your plants.

Create wood projects

If you are a DIY type of person, you can turn your tree into different things such as tables, chairs, and decors. There are also other simpler projects you can try if you are still a newbie in this area, like coasters. Cut it into small circular pieces and coat them, and you have yourself coasters that you can also share or give as gifts to friends.

If you end up deciding to get rid of your Christmas tree, then use the services of Evergreen Junk Removal In Los Angeles. They will take care of the matter for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything else. They will pick up the tree on your agreed schedule, and they will dispose of it properly. Some of these service providers also take part in recycling, so they will find an organization where they can deliver what can be recycled.