Old Phone

Much of today’s modern technology isn’t perfectly suited for either seniors or children. It’s a sad truth that they’re often left behind. However, that’s not true for every mobile phone out there. There’s a good variety of mobile phones that perfectly suited both for children and seniors, as they’re easy to use, and are just as efficient as a modern phone like anything else on the market.

Opel Mobile

The Opel Mobile is an incredibly sturdy, capable, and efficient phone. It doesn’t take up too much space, and its buttons and screens are perfectly clear and visible. One of the best things about it is that it can ring loud, which can be a real boon to seniors. It’s also quite durable too, so it’s great for children, because they have an easier time breaking technology. All in all, it’s one very efficient phone, with easy to navigate menus, and a shape that feels great in anyone’s hand.

Jitterbug Flip

A very decent phone with a good presence of the market, the Jitterbug Flip is a phone that’s more oriented towards seniors. Its buttons and are large and easy to use, and it has two large yes and no buttons that can ease the use of the phone. It also has an external screen that shows simple information, and the primary screen has great visibility both indoors and outdoors.

LG Exalt

This is a phone that has a good mix of performance and battery life. It boasts ten days of standby time, and is capable of maintaining the battery life up to six hours of talking. Its audio processor is also great too, so everything you hear will be crystal clear and sharp. On top of that, the screen offers great visibility, and it displays a large font and numbers.

Doro 7050

The best feature of the Doro is its dedicated emergency button. It’s a button that’s placed on the back of the phone, that when pressed three times dials an emergency contact, or simply emergency services. Otherwise the phone offers many of the basic features expected with a phone like this. It has a display with good visibility, and a large keypad that’s impossible to miss. Since it’s a phone that’s aimed towards seniors, it’s also compatible with hearing aid.

Nokia 3.1 Android One

Even though this is a smartphone, it’s a phone that’s stripped out of the many unnecessary features that seniors or kids can find confusing. It has an aluminum frame that improves reception, and the plastic back is quite comfortable to use. The phone is decently powered, so navigating its simple menus and apps will be a breeze, and the decently sized battery offers at least a full day’s usage. It’s a slightly more modern variant, but it’s still aimed towards both children and seniors.

Modern mobile phones can make seniors and children feel excluded. That’s because technology improves at a rapid pace. However, there’s an entire section of the market that’s aimed towards left-out groups, so that everyone will be able to communicate with ease.