Mango puree is a popular ingredient in drinks and smoothies; however, it’s now also used as an ingredient in cooking and baking. In Europe, there is stable growth in the mango puree market, which makes it a lucrative business venture. If you are planning to start a business selling mango puree, here are some of the European countries that you may want to target, as there is a vast potential that you can make it big.

The United Kingdom

This country is a big importer of mango puree; one of the main reasons for this is that people in the UK love smoothies. The European Fruit Juice Association says that it’s the largest consumer of smoothies in Europe, and the majority of these consumers are youngsters between the ages of 16 and 24. Aside from smoothies, it’s also widely used when making ice cream. Plus, organic food is also used in baby foods. If you are eyeing to start a business here, you can find fruit puree suppliers in the UK that offer mango puree and other types of fruit purees that you can add in your products to sell. 


Mango puree is a leading ingredient in mixed fruit juices in the Netherlands; the country has the biggest retail market for this in Europe. It is also used in smoothies and baby foods. While the domestic consumption of mango puree is not that huge in the Netherlands at the time of writing, the trend is steadily increasing. Furthermore, it is the biggest importer of mango puree in Europe, which it then exports to other countries. So, aside from selling around the country, you also have a big chance of making it international. 


While the UK is the biggest consumer of smoothie in Europe, Portugal takes the lead when it comes to being the largest consumer of mango juice. Mango puree is used to make juices, and mango juice is a hit to the locals. The majority of the mango puree is imported, and only a small portion is locally sourced, which allows you to be one of the local suppliers. 


Like other countries, Spain also uses mango puree in smoothies, drinks and ice creams. It also mostly imports its mango puree from other countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and India. What makes them different in the use of mango puree is that they use it in making salsa. 


France is also a big mixed fruit juice consumer, making it the second in Europe. Its other uses are also steadily increasing in popularity, such as the use puddings, panna cota, yogurt and mousses. There is also a growth in its consumption of smoothies. They mostly source their mango puree from India, Germany and the Netherlands. 


Mango-flavored fruit drinks are widely consumed in Germany. When it comes to smoothies, they are second only to the UK. Many products that use mango puree as an ingredient are also continuously being introduced. Organic mango puree is a big hit in this country.

These countries are your best choices if you are looking to start your mango puree business in Europe.