Cosmetic procedures used to be a fringe field of medicine and people that engaged in these procedures would often feel ostracized and marginalized. However today things have reversed and the trends are that more and more people are getting cosmetic procedures and they have been fully accepted in the mainstream. Today cosmetic surgery procedures including liposuction, rhinoplasty, and breast augmentations and performed thousands a times each day in medical clinics and hospitals everywhere.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are also a multi-billion dollar business with doctors providing a range of plain and exotic procedures to all parts of the body. The results can be dramatic, taking years off your looks and causing people to gain confidence and feel brand new. There are literally hundreds to types of non-surgical cosmetic treatments with the majority aimed at removing lines and imperfections on the face, neck and hands.  The most popular and effective of the in-office treatments is Botox injections and you can get them anywhere in the country. For instance If you live in San Jose California, and you are looking for Botox injections San Jose has an amazing Botox clinic.

Defining Botox

At the end of the 1970s, scientists found out that the botulinum toxin which was used to successfully treat a variety of neuromuscular issues, also had the uncanny ability to freeze muscles of the skin long periods of time. Some wonderful doctor got the idea to inject the toxin near the eye region of a person and found that it would remove wrinkles and make the person look younger. This led to Botox being hailed as a potential path to the fountain of youth. From that day to this, Botox has become the leading product for removing fine lines and wrinkles near the eyes, on the forehead, around the mouth, on the neck and on the hands. For the past several decades Botox has grown in popularity particularly because it has been shown to have little side effects and long term issues on those who receive the injections.

Botox is Effective?

A Botox procedure consists of a small amounts of highly diluted botulinum is injected into the muscles that are to be treated. The muscles will relax and fine lines will disappear. The procedure works on nearly everyone and can last for several months. Over time Botox will lose its potency and the lines will return. But while it is active, it can have dramatic effects on the face and a person’s overall look.

Is Botox Safe?

Botox treatment has been proven safe in over several decades of use and hundreds of millions of individual treatments. However it should be administered by a licensed professional in a formal office. Like and medical procedure you need someone who is licensed to provide the procedure and in the event of any problems you want to be in a structured environment where medical care can be administered immediately.

Potential patients will be screened for any medical issues that can cause them being ineligible for Botox One example is that those with a nerve or muscle disease, then Botox will not be available. It is also off-limits to people who are currently taking antibiotics, and those with heart problems will be turned away. Also, some may have allergies to Botox, or an infection in an area where Botox is to be injected. In this case the procedure will not be performed. And of course the response to the toxin will be monitored to find any unexpected complications that may occur.

A Botox session typically takes about30 minutes and results are immediate. Some compare it to a facelift for a small percentage of the cost. There may be some redness and slight bruising at the injections sites and during the first few days the face might look a little tight as the muscles adjust.

So for an effective and inexpensive cosmetic beauty procedure that will take years off your face neck and hands, Botox is a great choice.