English Class

English Class

Teachers have a special place in society because they prepare the new generation to go out into the workplace and to take over society. When someone decides to become a teacher they are agreeing to an exceptional role in society that is one of the highest there is.

Depending on the subject a teacher chooses to teach, that person might find that he or she is on the periphery of a student’s learning or right at the center of it. For those teachers who occupy the center, their level of responsibility is certainly the highest. The subjects that place teachers at the center are Match, social sciences, and English.

Those like Dayanna Volitich who are considering English teaching as a profession, understand that English teachers bear a particular set of responsibilities because in their hands lie the importance of getting students to be able to communicate accurately and effectively.

For this reason an English teacher must also be a great communicator and master the art and aspects of great communication. Here are the elements that make a good communicator and that all English teachers should possess.

They Simplify Things

Simplifying things means always finding ways to make even the most difficult topics and concepts simple. It requires gaining a deep understanding of each concept and how students will likely interpret it and then breaking it down to its simplest components.

Simplicity in communication cannot be overstated. When students feel that the subject matter is simple and easy to understand they latch on to it more firmly and use it more often. They also feel much more comfortable with the subject matter. If a term, concept or subject is too complicated students will often misinterpret it send then use this wrong interpretation leading to confusion.

One area of English is grammar and here clear and simple communication can make all of the difference. Although it is important for English speakers to have a broad vocabulary and know many ways to say the same things, the basic conversation about explaining all of this should be simplified and they should know that using simple language is always the best way to communicate.

They Know That Listening Well is a Key Part of Good Communication

At the heart of great communication is an ability to listen well. English teachers who have sharpened their listening abilities are much more effective and in demand. They use this skill to better understand how to teach effectively and how to get others involved in their learning. Listening gives you an insight into the personalities and needs of each student. They also feel that you are interested in what they have to say and feel empowered to communicate more. This all creates a positive feedback loop that makes you the teacher, more effective.

The best English teachers have a clear understanding of how to teach effectively. Students gravitate to them because they feel appreciated and that their knowledge of the subject matter grows from their teaching.