When planning a visit to the British Virgin Islands, there are the options of visiting all of them or choosing to visit one of the major islands between Tortola Island, Jost Van Dyke Island, Anegada Island and Virgin Gorda Island. With Virgin Gorda spanning a distance of 21 square kilometers, being the second most populated of the British Virgin Islands and being the third largest after Tortola and Anegada, it is a great Island to visit. The Island is named Virgin Gorda because it is shaped like a big reclining woman. With its slow and laid-back pace, it offers ample time to enjoy the Island. There are a lot of enjoyable attractions on the Island.

Sort Out Accommodation Issues

As with every other place one takes a trip to, it is necessary to sort out the details of one’s accommodation within the Island of Virgin Gorda. Getting safe and reliable short-term rentals in Virgin Gorda is essential to enjoying a visit to the Island.

Visit Saba Rock

This islet built on a little outcrop in the sea with excellent vantage viewpoints of the surrounding area and an abundance of great food is a good place to sip on a drink, sunbathe or just behold nature and the beautiful surroundings of Saba Rock. Saba Rock has a small beach which lovingly beckons on visitors to sit or lie and bask in the sun or take a dip in the water. The onsite restaurants in this islet offer a plethora of fresh seafood and other traditional Caribbean meals. Visiting Saba Rock offers one the opportunity to get a nice tan in a serene environment.

Go to the Baths

A visit to The Baths is a perfect Lawyers Near me for one to take and enjoy the beauty of nature. The Baths offer a chance to explore and steer around the massive granite boulders sprinkled all over the beach at The Baths. It features rocks which have been re-shaped by the persistent lapping of water on them while showing the amazingly clear and clean waters of the ocean. There are grottos and tunnels created by a coalition of stones to be explored. The rocks at The Baths have interestingly unique shapes like the skull-shaped rock. One also gets to exercise one’s body by taking a short hike to reach the beach. With the calm ocean for swimming and the golden sand which one threads upon while navigating the grottos, a trip to the Baths should not be missed while visiting the Island of Virgin Gorda.

Take a Trip to Savannah Bay

Savannah Bay which is one of the largest beaches on the Island of Virgin Gorda is also one of the Island’s least developed beaches. It is a secluded beach with a white stretch of sand and a reef with can be explored. Because of the secluded and undeveloped nature of the beach, people who choose to explore the beauties of Savannah Bay have to bring their own supplies and equipment to the beach. This is because the beach has no facilities. Despite its lack of facilities, it is a great place to explore the nearby coral reefs through snorkeling.

Visit Grandma’s Kitchen

Grandma’s kitchen found in The Valley within Spanish Town is an outdoor market which is open on Saturdays only. It features a mixture of jewelry and sarong merchants with music blaring from the speakers of Disk Jockeys. This combination provides a lively artsy feel.

Explore Devil’s Bay National Park

This beach with its horseshoe shape, pretty landscape and white sand present a good exercise opportunity. Apart from swimming in the good clean water, the abundance of rocks in this park makes hiking possible and necessary. At the Devil’s Bay National Park, there are rocks to be climbed. People who intend to visit this park should invest in good pairs of water shoes because of how rocky the area is. 

Shop At Thee Artistic Gallery

Thee Artistic Gallery is a shop located near the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor in Spanish Town. The shop displays some sea treasures like coins, shells and starfish obtained from shipwrecks dating back to the days of the buccaneers. One can purchase any of these treasures as keepsakes for themselves or for the friends and loved ones they would return to after visiting the Island of Virgin Gorda.

Visit the Virgin Gorda Peak

The Virgin Gorda Peak which is the highest point on the Island of Virgin Gorda is 1,370 feet above sea level. It has two hiking trails; a longer trail and a shorter trail. Both trails which lead to the same viewing platforms are well-marked to prevent hikers from getting lost. There is a lot to see on the way up to the top of the peak. These attractions consist mainly of the native fauna and flora of the island which include plants like mango trees and orchids and animals like the local hummingbirds. There are vegetation changes on the way up as the vegetation goes from dry shrubs to tropical greenery. Taking either of the hiking routes to the top has its reward. This reward is a clear and unobstructed view of the surrounding islands and harbors. The vantage view point at the top offers a view of the deep sea and the lush surroundings.  .

Go have lots of fun on this Island.