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The idea of choosing the gender of your baby is one that has been high controversial since its inception. Social attitudes however are gradually changing and this is a service which is now offered in many cities around the world. We spoke to a specialist team at a family balancing New York service who work with many parents who do not see this as a taboo subject and who have enjoyed the benefits of choosing the sex of their baby. Let’s take a look at some of the positives that an experience like this can bring.

The Ideal

Many parents want the perfect family dynamic in their minds and that is often why they will look to use a service like this which can help them to have the genders in their family that they so wish. For many parents their utopia maybe having 3 boys, a boy and a girl or any other variation of sexes in the family. Those parents who do have ideals such as this can plan for their perfect family and guarantee that they will get it.


Another feature of this which parents love is that they are able to plan for the sex of the baby in terms of buying clothes, decorating rooms and purchasing toys for the baby. Whilst doctors do tell parents the sex of the baby this often happens much later in the pregnancy which can give parents less time to get prepared. When the sex of the baby is chosen from the outset it means that parents have plenty of time to get their home ready for their new baby boy or baby girl.


There are many health benefits to choosing the sex of your baby and this is because many genetic diseases can be passed down the family, although they often depend on the sex of the baby. If a disease is more likely to be passed on to a girl rather than a boy, it can make a lot of sense for the parents to pre-select having a boy, in order to minimize their risk fo contracting the disease. Doing things this way not only guarantees that the child will have a healthier life, it can also save the parents a great amount of stress and heartache.


As callous as it may sound, recent studies have found that parents will love a child more if they have chosen the sex that they want. We have seen many scenarios whereby a parent wanted a boy and ended up with a girl, and whilst they would never confess to not loving the girl, evidence suggests that they would love and care for a boy even more so. This is of course a topic which is up for debate but for the parents who are choosing the sex of their baby, it is something that they are very aware of.