Questions Over New Flooring

Whenever you look to implement a new floor throughout the home you are poised with a lot of big decisions.

The first things that will affect your choices is cost and the impact on the look and feel of the home. With so many flooring options across the marketplace to compliment the many designs available, how do you pinpoint which is the best for you from a standpoint of environment, style and cost?

Let’s ask the questions and discover the answers to help you find the right choice.

Where are you looking to install?

Unsurprisingly if you don’t have a room in mind then you don’t have a choice to make, but to begin to ask the question you need to have an understanding that different rooms have different requirements.

When you look at installing flooring for a bathroom or kitchen, you need to take into account that moisture will take into consideration much more than other rooms. This therefore will require  a specifically designed floor that is waterproof or at least offers maximum water resistance.

Other rooms such as hallways have to take into account large amounts of foot traffic, which will turn attention to flooring that is highly durable and long lasting. Fully exploring the room environment and how it is utilised plays a large part in your flooring choice.

What’s best for children and pets?

Children and pets are usually a major cause of floor disruption, so you need to explore certain features that can withstand the barrage of daily activity they produce.

Naturally your choice has to encompass a durable and resistant quality for the constant wear and tear. With children and pets running through rooms you need to look at what flooring offers slip-resistance as well as being comfortable all around. 

Luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is a major focus for providing safety and satisfaction when it comes to hectic family environments, with its practical, soft and durable qualities ensuring the maximum satisfaction whilst being easy to maintain.

Matched to Decor?

Unless you plan to redecorate your home, you need to find a flooring solution that complements the existing interior design. This means not just focusing on existing colour schemes, but also your joining floors in other rooms.

Finding a floor that transitions seamlessly between rooms ensures that you don’t go off balance with the look. Take the time to fully explore the many designs that perfectly integrate with your current rooms you are not looking to change.

No doubt luxury vinyl flooring offers all of the above qualities to make your home your own. Amtico, a leading brand, perfectly replicates wood and stone flooring through collections such as Spacia to provide safety, style and satisfaction for decades long flooring. For true perfection in flooring, check out the lowest price amtico flooring today.