With the pandemic that is happening now and many people are ordered to stay at home, the internet has become our best friend.  Technology has enabled everyone to buy things easily with just a few clicks of the mouse and there is even no need for us to leave the house.  Everything can be bought online, from groceries, clothes to even motorcycles.  If you enjoy the thrill of riding a motorcycle and are looking to purchase one or simply wanting to upgrade your current vehicle, well, you can start your search online.  There are many places where you can shop for motorcycles such as the dealership website if you are buying new or eBay, Craiglist, Facebook marketplace or classified listings.

Here are some of the tips when looking to buy a motorcycle online.

  • Always do your homework.  If already decided on the model you want, check the current market price so that you will not pay more than you should or get burned.
  • Many people prefer to buy from eBay because this platform allows consumers to search for past sales.
  • Always ask lots of questions from the seller. Find out why the owner is selling the motorcycle and also ask for service records.
  • Get clear and good photos so that you can view the true condition of the vehicle.  You may also have to ask for close up of the parts like the exhaust and etc.
  • Look at the feedbacks of the seller and check out the ratings.  Make sure that you are dealing with a genuine seller.  Verify the address especially before you make the payment.

Once you have found your dream bike and confirmed the sale, it is time to think how to ship it back to you.  If you have purchased it from the dealer, most likely they will arrange to deliver the vehicle to you.   If you have purchased from another seller who is unable to deliver the motorcycle to you, then you would need the help of a motorcycle transport company to ship it back to you.

Searching for the right shipping company to transport your bike safely can be a time consuming and stressful task.  Fret not because online shipping platform such as Shiply is available to take the stress away from you.  On its platform, there are hundreds of rated transport shipping companies who can offer their services to you.  All you need to do is fill up a form and you can start to receive quotes in your mailbox.  You can start to compare quotes and find the most reliable and cost-efficient transport shipping service that best fits your requirements.

Cost to ship a motorcycle

The cost for shipping a motorcycle is determined by several factors such as follows:-

  • The size and weight of the bike.  Lightweight models usually weigh between 200 and 300 pounds and larger and heavier models may weigh approximately 500 pounds. Transporting larger and heavier motorcycles will incur higher cost.
  • The further the transport distance is, the higher the shipping price will be.  This is because it requires more fuel and more tear and wear of the transportation vehicle to ship it back to the buyer.
  • Location of pick up and drop off locations.  If the motorcycle is picked up and dropped off in an urban area, the cost will be lower. It is more expensive to service remote locations.