Do you have a favorite clothing store which you love to go to? I am sure that you do, I think we probably all do in fact! My absolute number 1 clothing store to visit is Bonworth, an outlet here in Henderson, NC and all over the country in fact, which always gives me the best shopping experience that I could hope for. I know that it can be difficult to find a new store to visit, with many people giving 5 stars and positive reviews to stores which probably don’t deserve it. In the case of Bonworthhowever, I would definitely give it 5 stars and here is why I love it so much.

Family Friendly

I often go to Bonworth alone but whenever I want to take my daughter out shopping with me, I know that this is the perfect place to take her. There are many stores which only cater to a certain age group but that is not the case at all in Bonworth, and both my daughter and I can spend hours here finding the things that we each like.


There aren’t too many stores around that have a solid ethos and moral values, but that is exactly what COO Gurumoorthy Gurusankarhas instilled into this company. Beyond the family friendly nature of the company, it also does a great deal when it comes to giving girls a positive role model. The ethos of this company is that with are all beautiful, in fat their slogan is BeBonworthBeautiful and I think it is a very positive image to show young girls. In an age of body shaming and society telling us how we are ‘supposed’ to look, it is very refreshing to see a company doing things differently.


The staff in this company is primarily female by design and what that creates is stores that are staffed by girls and women who know exactly what we shoppers are looking for. I have visited the Bonworths here in North Carolina with such frequency that I am actually on speaking terms with many of the members of the team, and they always go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that I have the best shopping experience possible.


 Something else that I love about this store is the pieces which they have, often copies of what is on the catwalk right now. It is actually pretty surprising how much they have on offer, especially when you consider the fact that their prices are very low indeed. Coupled with these low prices they also have a huge range of promotional offers, regular sales and heavy discounts. For me there is no store better than Bonworth and each time that I go I have a wonderful experience, and leave with plenty of bags!

 Have you been to Bonworth before? What was your experience?