ROL Cruise, an independent cruise specialist based in the UK has recently published the results of The Inaugural ROL Cruise Survey. In the survey, they asked 500 ‘cruise enthusiasts’ 9 questions about cruising. Cruising has always been something that interested me, so I was keen to read the results and see what people have answered.

The questions they asked are:

  • What is your dream cruise destination?
  • Would you rather cruise with family, friends, your partner or solo?
  • On port days do you prefer excursions, exploring on your own, or staying on board?
  • How far would you be willing to travel for a cruise?
  • If you were planning on booking a cruise, which one of these would be most important to you?
  • Which one of these statements best describes the goal of your next holiday?
  • What type of cruise appeals to you most?
  • Have you ever found love on a cruise holiday?
  • Have you ever gained weight during a cruise holiday?

You can see all of the results in their infographic below:


Source: ROL Cruise

I think the result that really shocked me was that 17% of people said they have found love on a cruise ship, which means that roughly 1 in every 5 people that take a cruise have fallen in love! What a lovely fact.

I expected people to admit to gaining weight on a cruise, but over half is a lot more than I expected. I suppose that shows the food must be really good!

This survey was definitely interesting and opened my eyes to a lot of aspects of cruising I was unaware of, like all the different kinds of cruising. I look forward to seeing next year’s survey.