When seeing your doctor, you must follow the prescription. It’s the best recommendation for you to recover from your illness. You can buy antibiotics online, and follow the schedule of intake. Otherwise, you could have the risk of not recovering at all. There are times when you feel like you can’t follow the instructions at all. You’re too lazy to remember when to take the meds. You might also be too busy, and you already forgot the schedule. 

It’s even worse when your physician told you to take the medicines for several days. It requires enormous doses, and it will cost you a lot. If you don’t have comprehensive health insurance, it will pose a huge problem. Despite all these issues, you have to try your best to do as instructed by the doctor. 

You don’t want to complicate the illness

The reason why your physician told you to follow the instructions is that there’s a chance for a complication if you don’t do it. You’re lucky that you consulted with your physician at the earliest signs of the illness. However, even if you did, you might still get worse if you don’t follow the instructions. If you worry about money, you will end up spending more later if the illness starts to complicate. 

It would help if you prevent the spread of bacteria

When your doctor told you that you have to take antibiotics, the goal is to kill the bacteria inside your body totally. You also want to prevent them from spreading in different areas. The problem when you stop the intake of antibiotics after a few days is that you won’t kill the bacteria. The worst part is that the next time you get ill, you will no longer get cured by taking the same antibiotics. The doctor has no choice but to up the dosage.

Your doctor knows better

It might be easy for you to fall for the information you find online. If you’re sick, you might look for remedies through health-related websites. The problem is that you might treat yourself for the wrong illness. Instead of getting better, things get worse. Your physician studied for several years to become an expert in this field. Your Google search has nothing compared with what your physician can offer. Therefore, you can’t feel complacent because you found other information online.

If you’re too busy to make an appointment with a doctor in a local hospital, it’s not a problem. You can always find reliable doctors online. You can get an appointment in no time. You will face the doctor and inform about the issues that you face. You will then receive a diagnosis and the prescription for your illness. You might also have a follow-up check-up depending on how your body progresses after taking medicine.

Hopefully, things start to get better after taking the medicines. It would help if you also changed your lifestyle so that you won’t get it all again in the future.