Steve Scansaroli is a multi-award-winning business man with over 20 years’ experience in pharmaceuticals, health brands, healthcare medical devices and chemicals.

The healthcare executive is fully aware that forums and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are going to have an enormous part to play in promoting secure and successful businesses, both now and in the future. He realizes the importance of daily posts to engage your customers, giving them news and information on the business. He realizes the importance of being top of a google search and being visible on blogs and in forums, even if you must sometimes remain anonymous.

These are his top reasons why your business should use social media:

We have become so used to sites such as Facebook that they are quite often our first port of call for everything from choosing a take out to selling our cars or choosing a company to do some work for us or our business.

The great thing about social media and one of the main reasons for its success is that everything is instantaneous. You can contact and interact with prospective new clients to alleviate any of their worries. A quick and professional response will give them faith in you and your company. This can only increase your sales.

Your Facebook page will often increase your online presence and if one of your team posts a funny anecdote or story this will be seen by your members and circulated around Facebook along with your business name, this is therefore a free form of advertising. On top of this funny story someone might search for your business as it is fresh in their memory

According to recent studies customers who follow you on social media are more loyal to your brand than other brands. Social media which suits most people therefore helps build your client relations from the comfort of your office or home and their home. This boosts customer loyalty and retention making the executives in your business very pleased.

There are also some technical advantages going on in the background, it is by no accident that business professionals will connect their blogs and Facebook page as the more people that visit your website the more of a presence you will have on google. This will mean that you are one of the first companies to come up on a google search which can only increase your company’s sales.

Social Media has opened up many opportunities for sharing, the sharing of achievements, funny things that happened in the office today, making you seem down to earth and approachable and a company that people would like to use or that other companies would like to work with.

It is always good to know what the competition are up to and Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn are the perfect way to do this without drawing any attention to yourself. This could help increase your sales and profits by spotting holes in their plans and procedures and also improving yours.