The main feature of the body on display at all times is your face, and as such is the first thing most people will see when they see you walking down the street, in the office or in any other social situation. Sometimes a face can look sad, tired and unhealthy due to the unfortunate nature of time making the skin become saggy, which is unsolvable through sleep and products and can call for surgical intervention in the form of face lifts.

Face Lifts in Chicago, Illinois

Fortunately, the residents of Chicago have one of the countries’ finest plastic surgeons in the form of Gold Coast Plastic Surgery, ready and able to provide the perfect face lift to restore the youthful look to your face and lift sinking facial tissue and loose skin in the jawline and neck to give you a young and fresh look.

Face lifts are unable to help with wrinkles, including crow’s feet or forehead wrinkles, which are only able to be altered using botox implants, meaning that using face lifts alongside other facial cosmetic surgery is able to fully change your outward appearance and give you a new look and make you look younger overall in every possible way.

The procedure of receiving a face lift involves a thin incision being made at the temple, running down past the ear and to the back of the ear from inside the hairline (to minimise visible scarring) and then has a separation of skin from its underlying tissue and removal of unneeded skin and fatty tissue to reposition the muscles and tighten the tissues. Structures are inserted to hold the moved tissues in place and, once the desired correction per the patients’ instruction is achieved, the incisions are closed and bandages applied.

Recovery from a face lift will take a few weeks, with expected bruising, swelling and potentially large amounts of discomfort, numbness and/or pain, although pain medication is available for patients to remain comfortable throughout the whole of the healing process. A patient can be expected to take 10 to 14 days recovery before being able to return to work/school though some pain or discomfort is still likely to be experienced for at least another week, and potentially longer for any selling to completely solve itself and finalise the appearance.

You should be able to feel comfortable in your own skin following the surgery due to the massive changes to your face and how much younger you will find yourself looking from now on, however it is possible that after such a major surgery there will be some complications, including bleeding, scars, infections or numbness in the face, as well as any potential cosmetic issues due to a surgical mistake, and any mistakes should be resolved immediately. These are unlikely occurrences, however, and Gold Coast Plastic Surgery prides itself on being a safe and reliable surgeon.

If you’re worried of the passing of time and getting older then you should seriously consider investing in any cosmetic surgeries that you believe can improve your outlook and happiness in social and professional situations and give yourself a look you can feel confident in.