To say that there are hundreds of credit cards out there to consider is an understatement. No matter where you turn, everyone seems to have a credit card that they are willing and wanting to offer to you. And who can blame them? Credit cards are a great way for companies to earn a bit of extra money from you, especially if you’ve purchased a large item during a sale or other type of special promotional event.

Think about the last store that you went into. As you were checking out, more than likely the clerk offered you the ability to sign up for their store’s credit card. Kind of a “club” type offer, to be part of something special. What they don’t tell you is that everyone gets offered this and some are approved and some are denying, all depending on their credit score.

In the matter of an instant, you are deciding to sign up for a credit card that will impact your credit score because it’s going to be an open account with potential debt, depending on the credit limit that you are approved for. You say yes, sign up and are approved without even knowing what interest rate you’re going to be paying. Oh, and don’t forget that part of signing up is that your first purchase has to be charged to the card to activate it. Sound all too familiar? It’s because it is…it’s common. And millions of people sign up for credit cards each and every day.

As long as you are smart about what you sign up for, credit cards can be a great asset. Some have them for emergency use other, while others use the rewards and points as a great way to build up some free cash or travel perks. As long as you have a hold and understanding about how a credit card can help you or harm you, the rest is totally up to you.

Do your research when it comes to finding a good credit card. Synchrony Bank is one bank that has been in the credit card and store credit card business for a very long time. Millions of customers trust them and their services that they provide so using them as a starting point to do your research is a great idea. You can see just how many stores use their services and find out all the answers to your questions just by contacting them and asking.

Don’t be in the dark about your options when it comes to credit cards. Credit cards are a great tool when used properly and can be an excellent way to start and raise your credit score. The more that you can research and find ways to use your credit card for good for yourself and your credit, the better! Don’t shy away from something just because you aren’t sure about it or feel that you don’t want to take the time to educate yourself. Credit cards can be an amazing resource if you plan ahead and use them to your advantage!