Any good online smoke shop will today sell silicone smoking devices. Do shops that do not yet offer discount to be in the process of upgrading their inventory. This is because there is a huge demand for nectar collectors, ribs, bonds, and pipes, as well as other accessories, made from silicone. This is understandable comma since they are not just colorful but also incredibly durable and indestructible, unlike glass models. Let’s take a look at why that is.

Why an Online Smoke Shop Should Sell Silicone

For many years, smoking accessories were glass. However, the switch to silicone is now being made because of its numerous benefits. Those include:

  • That silicone is incredibly flexible and resistant to heat. This means that can be folded come up then, or easily stuffed into a bag or backpack and it will never break. Silicone bongs are the ideal accessory for music festivals, camping trips, and so on.
  • That silicone is highly durable. The biggest problem with glass is that it is so easy to break. A clumsy friend can knock it over, you can clean it a little bit too hard, or perhaps your postman may have been careless when delivering your glass order.
  • That silicone is lightweight. Compared to glass, it weighs absolutely nothing.
  • That silicone is cheap as chips. Glass bongs are usually custom-made works of art and you pay for that. A silicone bong, by contrast, is mass produced and even the biggest ones usually don’t cost more than $40.
  • That silicone is incredibly easy to clean. This is mainly due to its flexibility and durability.

What about Safety?

The one issued there is with silicone is that it has to be safe. Mainly, it should be free from BPA. This is why it is important that, before you purchase a bong, you check that the silicone has been FDA approved, which means it is non-toxic. Silicone rubber is known to not react to beverages or food or to create any type of hazardous fumes. Hence, so long as you check it is FDA approved and BPA free, you will know that there is no danger to using the silicone bong.

What about Taste?

Anyone using a bong knows that it is very important that the integrity of the taste of the herb that is being smoked is as high as possible. Thankfully, there should be no difference in taste between using a silicone bong or a glass one. However, when the bomb is completely new, there may be a slight flavor or odor, but that is normal and will subside quite quickly.

Clearly, silicone is a much preferred material to glass and for good reason. The hallmark of a good online head shop is one that stays up to date with developments and always offers their customers the best of the best. This includes offering them silicone bongs and other accessories. Silicone is the way of the future!